Mother 3 Regular Box Numbered Auction.

I have been working on releasing Mother 3 in an English form since the beginning of the year. There have been ups (Big Box Release) and downs (Red Cartridges), however it has been an overall positive experience. This final auction is going to be the last one I do for a long time due to work obligations for the majority of 2013. I feel that this version turned out nicely and can’t wait to see what it goes for

Link to the Auction

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6 Responses to Mother 3 Regular Box Numbered Auction.

  1. Howdy! Where did you download theme of your blog?
    It’s pretty amazing 😀


  2. Intriguing… How can you tell this?


  3. Alexander says:

    Are you going to make any more? Would love to buy this game from you. 🙂


    • thesubcon3 says:

      I don’t have the time, unfortunately but I do know of a few people making bare bones ones…


      • Steve Ancona says:

        If you can point me towards how you went about making your cart, I would love to try it myself. I made one using a Easy Flash IV-in-one, but it stopped saving really quickly =/


  4. Alexander says:

    Not sure if I can afford one now, but could you provide any links? ^^


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