Post Xmas 2012 Gets

Every year I get gift cards and whatnot. This year we went out and found a few treasures…

First up my wife found Silent Night Deadly Night Part 1 & 2 on DVD which is an extreme rarity to find out in the wild.

From a Best Buy gift card I obtained The Walking Dead Season 1 on  Bluray for $16! What’s funny is that this is the limited edition which wasn’t on sale…alas it never hurts to ask!

Finally I found this little collectible treat at a local media store… it’s the slime from Dragon Quest! (aka Dragon Warrior in the west) For ambiance I added in my Dragon Warrior NES collection behind it.

Also I have to mention that I picked up 5-6 years worth of Nintendo Power magazines that were sitting up in my parent’s barn! So much history with these magazines…

That’s it for now, I’ll post here in a couple of days with some of the other gets in the month of December. Stuff that you can see in the bottom right of the NP magazine picture for example…. Happy Holidays!

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1 Response to Post Xmas 2012 Gets

  1. You sure did bring back some great gaming memories for me. Thanks


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