Heavy Duty Custom Nintendo Shelving!

I have been out and about but I am back home and just finished up a custom Nintendo project. Heavy Duty Custom Nintendo Shelving!

While I was gone, my basement flooded and all of my cheap particle board shelving and TV stands grew some nasty mold. After I removed all that crap, I realized that I needed some new shelving. We are on a budget so I needed to find a cheap way to get shelves. Luckily I had some wood laying in my basement from my homebrewing shenanigans.

 So my idea was to take the wood, paint it, put it together to resemble a shelf and seal it with gloss. Luckily I had everything I needed to make it happen. First off was painting the wood and because the plan was to use gloss at the end, spray paint was fine. I ended up putting on two coats.


After everything was painted it was time to assemble. Due to the fact that I had 2x4s and 2x8s, it ended up being really heavy duty. My little 4V drill constantly lost its charge. Flea marketing today for $15 I found a 1/2″ 115V drill that can drill into concrete! With everything assembled, I put on a generous coat of gloss. This not only makes it all shiny, but also protects the wood and seals everything together nicely.


Finally, I had a vinyl Nintendo sticker which only added to the awesomeness. This shelf ended up being much bigger than my old one. After clearing out some space, I put the new Nintendo awesomeness in its new home!


Of course the first item on it is my Sharp NES TV playing some Little Samson on a custom Campout 2012 Powerpak (yeah I have issues). Next up will be adding in all my other systems or putting my custom NES collection on the bottom. Decisions, decisions….

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