New Gaming Group and New Reviews

A couple of updates:

I recently started a new retro gaming group near where I live. We are calling ourselves Retro Raiders and will be hanging out every Wednesday from 7-10 to play some games. Anyone else start doing this on a more frequent basis? 

The other thing I’m going to do is start writing reviews again on an infrequent basis. I’m going to focus on obscure games that I’ve never heard of, starting with Arcade games. I’m also going to play and compare Arcade games that were later converted and released on other systems such as the NES. Think Double Dragon, Prisoners of War, or Haunted Castle…


It should be fun and isn’t something that’s done too often. Anybody else have any ideas?

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1 Response to New Gaming Group and New Reviews

  1. Nathan says:

    My god that flier is terrible, even by Konami arcade flier standards. You already know about my retro gaming group the Videogame Friends. I think every city of reasonable size should have a retro gaming group.


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