My Current Projects

As many of you know, I am a multi-tasking fool. I currently have a ton of projects going on at the same time, besides for upgrading my Nintendo Red Tent.

First off is I’m working on my second book, which is going to be a series of books focusing on collecting for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is going to have box art, a screenshot and short summary on each game with check blocks so it can be like a collector’s checklist as well as a handy resource. The plan is to cover every game ever for every region, split into books. The first book is obviously going to be US releases. 


Secondly, I’m working on putting the entire GameCenter CX series on data DVDs. “GameCenter CX, also known as Retro Game Master in other regions, is a Japanese television program where Shinya Arino, a member of comedy duo Yoiko, plays home console video games from previous decades and usually attempts to get the game’s ending within a single day.” – Wikipedia. So far the first 12 seasons are completely translated and I have created titles cards for 100+ episodes. I am still debating on whether to do full artwork for the discs or simply just do DVD/CD case sleeve art. 


Finally, I’m actually creating a Choose Your Own Adventure NES game. I am writing the story currently and need to lay out the paths. I’ve already got a simple working CYOA engine that someone created on NintendoAge, however it is going to need to be modified to have pictures as well as more options and paths. This will have a full Cartridge release with a box and manual when all is said and done, along with a limited initial release with extra content.


All these projects are good and all, however I also start my next semester of my Master’s on Sunday so this all will be tackled as I find time with family, work and school. As always, overloaded but happy.

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2 Responses to My Current Projects

  1. p13r4t says:

    Wow dude, you got alot on your plate that’s for sure! Since me having a baby girl too, I understand how little time there is to do anything anymore! Looking forward to the coming projects man!


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