Goldeneye 007 – Nintendo Wii Review

Another Retro by Aaron Cook

Goldeneye oo7 For the WII

We have now 007 Golden Eye for the Wii. It’s a pretty good remake of the original N64 game. There are a lot of different things about it that make it unique. The stages are a lot bigger than I remember from the N64. And there are different areas too. It seems like when you play this game, you were in the same location 20 years ago, and yes, the places you go have expanded and changed quite a lot. The missions are a bit different than what I remember too. And why did they change the stage with the rocket ship to a stupid stage, where you have to find someone with a cell phone app in a nightclub? That was stupid!

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Besides that, this game reminds me a lot of Medal of Honor. One stage you traverse, it has the exact same background wallpaper template game maker set boards as what would be in that game. I would say this game is a glorified Medal of Honor and Metal Gear Solid clone. And the main character isn’t Pierce but whatever.

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And an issue I have is who in the world developed the controll pad? I am using a Gamecube controller and they mapped the action button to Z and B and then to put on the night vision glasses is button presses Z and A. Whoever did this and the other things I mentioned before should be fired from the studio! And then they are contradictory because sometimes later in the game they mapped the A button to action too so what kinda programming missfit did that?  I can understand doing Z and B for a sneak melee attack, but pushing the ‘A’ button is really Z and B sometimes?

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I like the game simply because I like going through the levels again and only this time a lot bigger and different looking than on the N64. The control scheme is kinda strange, but once you get used to it, it works. I would think you would have a good time with this game too. I think you should try it out. Its fun to revisit the levels and see what they did different then before. It will remain a classic forever in my Goldeneye.

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