Definitive Complete SNES Shipping Update

It’s been a month since the last progress report so it’s time to update everyone once again on where the Definitive Complete SNES books are at.

Since the last update the entire print run had to be redone because of an error that I had previously identified, but still showed up on the cover. Those little white lines, while not a big deal to some, were not something I would accept.

Once the printing was completed last month, they were then shipped to the port from where they were printed at, which apparently can take some time to get through. Previously it hadn’t taken long, but this time of course they ended up taking longer.

The books were just released from the port on 28 March and I’m being told the remaining transit time could now take 6 weeks to get to the warehouse in Chicago so I can begin shipping to everyone. Again, with previous books it’s typically taken 2-3 weeks but if Murphy’s Law has anything to say about it, I’m betting it’ll take longer.

I’m a bit frustrated as I planned to have this out to backers by the end of January at the latest. Lessons have been learned and I will adjust my future books accordingly.

Speaking of future books (and no I’m not talking about yesterday’s April Fools joke that may or may not happen if fans want it bad enough).

My next book has already been completely formatted and my portions have been written already. The Kickstarter preview page has already been created (which you can message me for the link if you want a heads up) and I’m basically waiting to launch once everyone has their SNES books.

It’s going to be an amazing one for sure and will finally complete the circle!

Until then I’m literally in a waiting pattern for the SNES books to arrive so I can begin shipping them out to everyone.

Thanks for being patient with this process and hopefully they will be shipping before another update here is required!


Jeffrey Wittenhagen

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3 Responses to Definitive Complete SNES Shipping Update

  1. Alejandro says:

    Im interested in finding out what’s your next book, could you send me the link mentioned above. Thanks!!!


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