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Game Talk: Nintendo Switch Collecting – Gamester81


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Game Talk: The Playstation Classic – What Went Wrong? – Gamester81

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Cat Quest – Nintendo Switch Review – More Than Just Another Indie Switch Game?

Wow did I not expect to like Cat Quest, I’ll just start off with that! It’s crazy because simply from the “box art” this game looks like your typical indie game with flash-style cartoon graphics, however this is definitely a … Continue reading

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The C64 Mini – The Ultimate Way to Play the Commodore 64?

While the C64 Mini has been out for a bit now, it is only recently that I have gotten one of my own. This was mainly because I found out that, through frequent updates from the creators, you can now … Continue reading

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VGBS 96 – Double Dragon II: The Revenge (NES)

VGBS returns and this one’s an absolute, all-time favorite of ours. It’s definitely been on our episode bucket list since the inception of the cast…So get your Trejo-Abobo stache ready and join us as we dive headlong into the turf … Continue reading

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What’s Going on at Hagen’s Alley Books

While I haven’t posted as much as usual, I’m still around! With getting Hidden Gaming Gems ready for printing, and working a ton of hours during my day job, updates have been few and far between here. Here are a … Continue reading

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Holy Diver Limited Edition Unboxing – Is it part of a “NES US Set”?

Brand new NES games are something that I truly enjoy about gaming nowadays. As time goes on, and people become more and more talented, the quality of releases has steadily increased. Fast forward to Retro-Bit and their newest release on … Continue reading

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