Homebrew/Indie Reviews

As time goes on, and I complete books, I am going to also continue to do reviews of Homebrew and Indie games. I will be attempting to wipe away the rose-colored glasses and look at each game based on its actual merits. These will be amazing to look back on and see how the games have held up!

Slain: Back from Hell – Nintendo Switch


NESmaker – Project Overview


Eskimo Bob – NES Homebrew

Eskimo Bob

Xeno Crisis – Genesis / Dreamcast / Switch (Preview)

Xeno Crisis

Older Homebrew/Indie Game Reviews

These are some of the older Homebrew game reviews that I have done, some are video and some are text based but they are all pretty classic!

8-Bit Xmas 2015 – NES Homebrew

8-Bit Xmas 2015

Ghost Blade – Sega Dreamcast

Ghost Blade

Atlantean – TurboGrafx / PC Engine


Fruit’Y – Sega Dreamcast


The Rise of Amondus – NES Homebrew

The Rise of Amondus

Commie Killer – NES Homebrew

Commie Killer