Gamer’s Guide: Christianity is a LIE | The TRUTH About Bayonetta Part II

God doesn’t exist. At least, not in the way we all think. On this week of Gamer’s Guide we take a deeper look into how theology and our perceptions of God through the lens of Nintendo’s Bayonetta.

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Gamer’s Guide: The Traumatized Children of EARTHBOUND

Earthbound is so much more than a story about four kids saving the world from an evil alien overlord. It’s about a group of kids playing a tabletop game to process just how dark and harrowing the world we live in is. Earthbound tackles abuse, police corruption, abandonment, and torture, and basically rocks out kids saving the world way before Stranger Things did.

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Complete SNES Definitive Edition – Preview!

I finally received the advanced copy of The Complete SNES: Definitive Edition and wow is this book huge! I did a live stream on Facebook earlier in the week and it shows just how big a 630 page full color book is.

Just to reiterate, the Definitive Edition not only offers a significantly higher quality on all aspects of the previous edition, better paper quality, brighter images, etc, but also offers over 100 pages of Super Famicom games! These games were all hand picked, like the original Famicom games were in the NES Oddities & the Homebrew Revolution book, where you don’t have to be versed in Japanese in order to enjoy them. This section is a must see if you are a Super Nintendo fan and think that you have played it all!

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VGBS 88 – Super Mario Memories

This time on the cast, we leap down the pipeline leading straight to our favorite Super Mario Memories!

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Gamer’s Guide – The TRUTH About Bayonetta

Bayonetta is a fan-servicey game full of a ton of implied nudity and sexual innuendo. But what if the game is SO MUCH MORE than that? And I’m not strictly talking feminism and representation of women, but the heart of truth. This is Part ONE of: The TRUTH About BAYONETTA, Objective and Subjective Truth. Continue reading

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VGBS 87 – Smash TV (BS Homework)

Bullshit Homework strikes for the VGBS Crew yet again!

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Gamer’s Guide: Persona 5’s Take on Rebellion

There is a HUGE difference between rebellion and being a jerk. Which one are you? Persona 5 does an excellent job of exploring this subject. Continue reading

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