E01 – Bloodstained Curse of the Moon (feat David Ortiz from MES) | Hagen’s Alley Books Podcast

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The Story of the Definitive Complete SNES Books and the Way Ahead

To say that things have been hectic over the past month with the Definitive Complete SNES books would be an understatement. All of my free time has been consumed with fielding e-mails and referring backers to my updates on Kickstarter.

Creating something never goes smoothly, and this one has to have been the release with the most issues to date! Luckily I’m doing this as a passionate hobby, so I’m eventually able to fix things out of my control as they rear their ugly head.

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VGBS 91 – Interview with Jeff Ball: Music Composer for Tiny Barbarian DX (Switch & Steam)

In this episode, we’re joined by the awesome Jeff Ball, creator of the music for Tiny Barbarian DX!

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Shipping for The Definitive Complete SNES Book Has Begun!

Just a quick update that the books have arrived in the warehouse and shipping has begun!

I will be e-mailing some of the backers, as I have a few questions and complications, but overall I will be busy for a bit and all the books will be on the way…

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VGBS Live 19 – Hidden Gaming Gems @ Midwest Gaming Classic 2018

For our third annual VGBS Live Panel at Midwest Gaming Classic 2018, we are talking about our favorite Hidden Gaming Gems for tons of consoles!
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Midwest Gaming Classic 2018!

I will be back again at MGC in Milwaukee, WI. It is one the my favorite conventions in the Midwest and is always a great time. I’ll be there at the merch table with my books starting Friday (until they sell out).

Also, Kyle and I will be doing our third annual VGBS MGC Live Panel! Check it out and let us know if you are coming to hang out.

Here is more information on the Panel:

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Definitive Complete SNES Shipping Update

It’s been a month since the last progress report so it’s time to update everyone once again on where the Definitive Complete SNES books are at.

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