NES Games in 3D

3DNes is an emulator that allows playing NES Games In 3D! The program is developed using Unity Engine with multi-platform purpose. With the latest update, the program also supports Virtual Reality, which you can use with a smartphone!

You can download the emulator here!

The import of NES games is automatic, so it will work with any NES ROMs, however each game needs to be tweaked in order to look optimal. Below is a list of games that we have personally adjusted the settings for to look amazing. All you have to do is download the 3DN file and open it within the program. Make sure the name is exactly the same as the NES ROM or it won’t recognize it within the program. (In the future we will create a tutorial)

Balloon Fight 3D

Dr. Mario 3D

Galaga 3D

Mario Bros 3D

Ms. Pac-Man 3D

Tetris 3D

Huge thanks to geod80 on NintendoAge for his awesome work on this Emulator! If you enjoy playing this emulator, consider throwing him a few bucks for his tireless efforts!

You can also follow the progress of the 3Dnes on their Facebook page: