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NES Oddities & the Homebrew Revolution: Book Review by John Riggs

A huge thanks to the always awesome John Riggs for doing a quick book review of my latest book. Check it out and definitely subscribe to his awesome videos.

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Black Box Challenge is Finished!

In a classic ECW style I’m chanting “Holy Shit, Holy Shit!”, the programming for Jeffrey Wittenhagen’s Black Box Challenge has been officially finished! All of the backers have been pretty amazing as most of you realize that what Sly Dog … Continue reading

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VGBS 73 – MGC 2017 Convention Memories

Kyle and Jeff go over their entire weekend of madness in detail at Midwest Gaming Classic. From the partying to the games, it’s all here! Do we find anything to buy from the seller tent? Let’s find out…

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Coleco Expo This Weekend!

This from 4-6 August (this weekend!) I’ll be at the Coleco Expo out in New Jersey. Come hang out and have a great time! My panel is Saturday afternoon and we will be talking NES and what’s next for Hagen’s … Continue reading

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VGBS Rewind – Season 1 Episode 19 – Bionic Commando (Nintendo Entertainment System)

VGBS Rewind is some of our favorite episodes from the past. This time we delve into Bionic Commando for the NES!

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Project Assembly and Shipping Madness Begins…

After an amazing time at Replay FX, it’s now time to get to get backer items out before heading out to the Coleco Expo this weekend! Both the NES Oddities Books and VGBS Season 1 arrived last week, so to … Continue reading

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NES Oddities & the Homebrew Revolution Book Reveal!

It’s here! NES Oddities & the Homebrew Revolution is now fully printed and for sale in the Hagen’s Alley Books store. Check it out and find more about it here in this live video that I did.

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