Hagen’s Alley Book Store!

Click to Enter the Hagen’s Alley Shopify Book Store!

I have migrated all of the books to the Shopify Bookstore, which is really easy to use and allows me to show off even more images, etc. Check it out and let me know what you think!

The Patreon Cool Ass Items Club

A Patreon that is cool and worthwhile? That’s what I’m shooting for and it is a really cool addition to my books. Check it out!

Original Hidden Treasures Book – (Lulu External Link)

This is where it all began! The original book that I self published on Lulu. There are two paperback options: full color and black & white. It’s print on demand.

Project Donation – $5

Just want to support my projects? Here you can simply donate to show your support.

22 Responses to Hagen’s Alley Book Store!

  1. Michael R says:

    Hey, I just saw this right after the kickstarter ended. This looks really interesting, so I’ve contributed enough to warrant a hardcover copy of the book, I think it was $77 or so? I used one of the paypal buttons on this page, and I just want to confirm that my money went to you guys and that I’d be eligible for the hardcover book when it does get released (even though it looks like the official kickstarter just ended). Thanks a lot!


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  3. Raul says:

    How do i pick a size for the complete nes tshirt! When i click link to buy it just adds an item!


  4. The Rook says:

    What happened to the NES game option?


  5. Troy says:

    When should we expect to receive the book here in Canada … I was an original backer


    • thesubcon3 says:

      You’re not the first person that has asked me about that. I do plan to do major variants and exclusives from PAL regions in a separate book as that’s a great collector piece as well.


  6. Duarte says:

    Hey! Any plans so far on releasing an edition that includes PAL games? I think maybe some of the European/Aussie collectors would be very interested.
    I backed the Kickstarter, but just for the game, since many of my games are PAL and having a NTSC-only edition would not make a lot of sense for me.
    The whole project looks amazing though! Great work!


    • thesubcon3 says:

      Yes, definitely going to release a supplemental edition with PAL Exclusives, Unlicensed, Holy Grails, Unreleased Games, Variants, notable Homebrew and possibly Notable Famicom. This is behind the SNES book I’m working on, but it’s definitely in the queue!


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  9. Sam Hayes says:

    Should I have gotten my book already and the game? I was an original backer on kickstarter…….


  10. Is there a “digital-only” option available? 😦


  11. Brett Stephan says:

    Hi, I bought your book The Video Game Culture Chronicles 1990 Hardcover on 7/9/16 and was wondering if it has been shipped thanks


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  13. Jenn says:

    Is there a soft cover/paperback version available for a lower price?


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