Upcoming Projects and Updates for the New Year

Happy 2020 Everyone! We have a ton of things in store for everyone this year and hope you will join us on this wild journey.

Friday the 13th Hardcover NES Book!

First up we just launched The Easy Way: Friday the 13th which is the first in a series of comprehensive guides by 8-Bit Steve on videos games that can be beaten by players of any skill. It’s been live on Kickstarter for a short while and is fully funded already!

Project Updates

The Complete Virtual Boy book has been released and I am still waiting on the wooden book covers to be sent over. They are done however once I receive them I will have to ink, stain and gloss each one which will take some time. I will mail them out in order of backing as I finish each one!

The Complete Virtual Boy

Walter Day’s Gaming Superstars is completely finished and Walter Should be getting the book shipment any day now. From here on out he will be handling everything with that release.

The Switch Collector: Volume One is completely written and in the finalization process. Backer contributor reviews have been trickling in and I am in the process of compiling everything together. The goal is to be done with everything by the end of the month to start the editing process, then it will be on to publishing which takes 6-8 weeks. That means things are pointing to a spring release to have the book in everyone’s hands!

The Switch Collector: Volume One (Preorder)

The Way Ahead for 2020

The Complete Genesis is nearing completion and will be the next big collector’s book I release. I have been working on it on and off for a couple years now and things are going to be a bit different with modernized layouts that have been incorporated into my newer releases, but will still keep the collector’s aspect that the series is known for.

The Switch Collector “Year Two” will begin production as soon as Volume One is finished and sent off to the publisher. Year Two will likely consist of Two Book Volumes and will take some time to complete as we will be working on these in tandem. Just because each year has more games, does not mean we will be skimping on content as we want to do things the right way!

The Complete NES Re-Release has been requested by lots of people and, in true Hagen’s Alley fashion, I will be reformating the entire book, reworking the written reviews to match my other releases. This will essentially be a brand new book by that point and a must own for anyone obsessed with the Nintendo Entertainment System like I am!

Other Guides and Books are also in the works as I have a few authors signed to Hagen’s Alley Books (like 8-Bit Steve). There are other projects, like game releases, that we will be working on in tandem with book releases.

Let’s see how much we can get done in 2020 as this seems to be the most packed year yet!

Thanks for your continued support!

Jeffrey Wittenhagen – Hagen’s Alley

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Arms | Switchmania Playcast Episode 36

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Gigantic Army | Switchmania Playcast Episode 34

The game of the week is Gigantic Army which is an action heavy mech platformer and a call back to the 16-bit era. With three different variant release opportunities, is it worth a purchase?
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Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX | Switchmania Playcast Episode 33

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New Super Luckys Tale & Smash Salt | Switchmania Playcast Episode 32

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Switch Predictions & New Pokemon DLC | Switchmania Playcast Episode 31

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