VGBS 100 – BullSh!tin’ with the Angry Video Game Nerd / James Rolfe

We have the perfect episode for 100, a special interview with the AVGN himself James Rolfe. Not only do we catch up on everything that’s going in his crazy world, but we also go back to our very first episode that was focused on him. Coming full circle, this is a perfect bow on VGBS, will we continue on from here? You let us know! Without further ado, let’s get the show on the road. Continue reading

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VGBS 99 – Super Mario Bros. 3: Extended Edition (NES Hack)

For VGBS 99, we wanted to do something really special…This is a complementary episode to our previous Super Mario Memories installment. So let’s see what the Extended Edition hack of Mario 3 entails and what we think of it as a whole package. Also covered are tips for farming lives, the Anchor/White Toad Houses, the origin of Yoshi, and even a tidbit on Mario is Missing. Finally, we delve into some online reviews to see how others feel about this hack. Continue reading

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VGBS 98 – Target Renegade (NES) | A Crappy NES Game!?

Rounding out our Beat’Em Up trilogy of episodes, we continue on down the line with Target Renegade for the NES. We briefly cover Renegade III: The Final Chapter for kicks as well. So what do we think? Let’s find out! Continue reading

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Steredenn: Binary Stars (Nintendo Switch) – Super Rare Games Physical Release Review

Steredenn: Binary Stars is a horizontally scrolling spaceship shooter that has a fusion of old school gameplay combined with bullet hell and rogue-like aspects to make it a unique release. Super Rare Games did the physical release, in their own unique limited way. Let’s dig in and see how everything turned out!

Continue reading

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VGBS 97 – Renegade (NES) / Nekketsu Koha Kunio-kun (FC)

What better to follow our Double Dragon II episode than with the Godfather of Beat’em Ups! We concentrate mainly on the NES and Famicom ports, but also go into the Arcade and Sega Master System versions a bit as well… “Warriors, come out to play-i-ay!” Continue reading

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Hidden Gaming Gems Book Preview!

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Game Talk: Classic Tetris World Championship, Walter Day, and more! – Gamester81

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