VGBS 74 – Vice: Project Doom (NES)

In our precursor to the VGBS Season 3 Finale, the boys finally catch up with the gorgeous, hidden gem mega-classic, Vice: Project Doom!
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The Evolution of Hagen’s Alley Books – A Retrospective

For the past 20 or so years I have been writing about video games as a passionate hobby. A couple years back my hobby book project, to have a really cool coffee table collector’s book with quick minimalist write-ups for each game, caught steam and was supported by thousands of people all over the world. I went from print-on-demand to self-publishing with a local printing company overnight and thus my learning process had begun. Here are a few of the trials and tribulations that I’ve went through. Definitely feel free to chime in and comment on whatever you’d like, as I’m always looking to better myself as a creator.

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Game On Pickups and Black Box Challenge Production

Here is a quick video of my pick-ups from Game On and where I currently am at with the production of the physical copies of Black Box Challenge.

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Phobos Militia 12 – Friday the 13th Series Theories, Thoughts, & Cast Member Factoids

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NES Oddities & the Homebrew Revolution: Book Review by John Riggs

A huge thanks to the always awesome John Riggs for doing a quick book review of my latest book. Check it out and definitely subscribe to his awesome videos.

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Black Box Challenge is Finished!

In a classic ECW style I’m chanting “Holy Shit, Holy Shit!”, the programming for Jeffrey Wittenhagen’s Black Box Challenge has been officially finished! All of the backers have been pretty amazing as most of you realize that what Sly Dog Studios was doing wasn’t easy. I mean they were making a full NES RPG! Now that it’s been “finished”, there still is a few things that need to happen before everyone will get their game.

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Recent Pick-ups, Wooden Boxes and Game Status!

Did a quick video on some of the awesome stuff I’ve gotten recently and showing off some of the project items!

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