Cat Quest – Nintendo Switch Review – More Than Just Another Indie Switch Game?

Wow did I not expect to like Cat Quest, I’ll just start off with that! It’s crazy because simply from the “box art” this game looks like your typical indie game with flash-style cartoon graphics, however this is definitely a case of being fooled by the box art…

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The C64 Mini – The Ultimate Way to Play the Commodore 64?

While the C64 Mini has been out for a bit now, it is only recently that I have gotten one of my own. This was mainly because I found out that, through frequent updates from the creators, you can now add your own games, as well as modify existing games to do various things!

Here are a few of the features that really have me excited with the C64 Mini…

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VGBS 96 – Double Dragon II: The Revenge (NES)

VGBS returns and this one’s an absolute, all-time favorite of ours. It’s definitely been on our episode bucket list since the inception of the cast…So get your Trejo-Abobo stache ready and join us as we dive headlong into the turf of Double Dragon II: The Revenge for the NES! Continue reading

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What’s Going on at Hagen’s Alley Books

While I haven’t posted as much as usual, I’m still around! With getting Hidden Gaming Gems ready for printing, and working a ton of hours during my day job, updates have been few and far between here. Here are a few things happening right now: Continue reading

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Holy Diver Limited Edition Unboxing – Is it part of a “NES US Set”?

Brand new NES games are something that I truly enjoy about gaming nowadays. As time goes on, and people become more and more talented, the quality of releases has steadily increased. Fast forward to Retro-Bit and their newest release on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Holy Diver. Originally released on the Nintendo Famicom in 1989, Retro-Bit and CastleMania Games (who I purchased the game through), have truly outdone themselves with this worldwide release. But what’s in the box!?

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E09 – Hidden PlayStation Gems and Book Projects (feat Radical Live at Game On Expo 2018) | Hagen’s Alley Books Podcast

At Game On Expo 2018 I got together with that always awesome Radical Reggie where we caught up on some gaming topics, including my book projects, Hidden Gaming Gems and we go over Reggie’s favorite generation, the Sony PlayStation!

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VGBS 95 – Rambo III (Sega Genesis)

BS Homework returns! Join us in the 16-bit trenches as we go behind enemy lines and infiltrate the inner workings of Rambo III for the Sega Genesis… Continue reading

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