NES Oddities Kickstarter Project Update & Date for the Definitive Complete SNES

To say things have been busy in the past few weeks is a grave understatement! I went from shipping out VGBS Season 1 to fully assembling and shipping out three different releases of Black Box Challenge. Some of you may have seen the live-streams that I did as I assembled the carts, but it took lots and lots of time.

Ironically, right as I finished all of that up, the NES Compendiums arrived in the Warehouse! 24 hours later and 100% of the backers have their books in the mail! However, things still aren’t 100% done with the project as I still have a couple specialty items to get out there.

NES Compendium

First off the Best of NES Homebrew Box Set has the boxes in the mail currently. Once I get those, I’ll be putting that all together and shipping them out to backers. All of those backers will be getting their books separately as well. Fortunately, I have all the games ready, so it shouldn’t take me long once the boxes arrive.

Next up is the Leather Covers by Artisan Leather. Those have been paid for and ordered. So whenever they are finished and arrive, I’ll ship them out to those backers.

Finally, the gigantic 1000 page NES Leatherbound Tome. This process is going to take awhile as I had to get the books shipped to me, then I have to ship them all together to the bindery. They then have a 1-2 month turnaround to get them rebound and gilded in gold. This will be the biggest Tome to date and I can’t wait to see what it looks like!

NES Tome

Of course, there is no rest for Hagen’s Alley as I’m launching the Definitive Edition of The Complete SNES on Kickstarter on 7 October around 1100 EST. That will be available at and you can set a reminder for the launch! I have some awesome stuff coming with this one and I’m definitely keeping it much more simplistic this time around!

Let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions!


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VGBS Live 16 – Content Creation with Antoine Clerc-Renaud & Patrick Hickey Jr. at Coleco Expo 2017

VGBS is Live at Coleco Expo in New Jersey.
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Phobos Militia 13 – Freddy Krueger & A Nightmare on Elm Street Film Series

It’s time to go down to Elm Street and see what’s behind that red door…
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Black Box Challenge – NintendoAge Limited Edition Auction Info!

When it comes to collecting NES Homebrew games, NintendoAge is where I started to really find out about them and where my love for brand new NES experiences began. Throughout the years there have been amazing Limited Edition Auctions for games. My favorites have been the ones that really show that people put time and effort into creating something truly cool that adds to the new gaming experience.

Here is my contribution to the awesome history of creative Limited Editions with the “Black Box Edition” of Jeffrey Wittenhagen’s Black Box Challenge!

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VGBS 76 – Friday the 13th: The Game (PS4/Xbox One/Steam)

Season 4 begins with a slash! It’s time…
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The Complete SNES – Definitive Edition Trailer!

Due to the huge demand for me to re-release The Complete SNES, I decided to overhaul every aspect and make it even better than before!

The Campaign is going live in October and you can check it here. Make sure you Star and Follow on the page so you can be alerted when it launches!

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VGBS 75 – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)

Our 3rd Season Finale is finally here! The ever-extending Hylian Path stretches before us again with this exalted and prized gem…Time to do this one some VGBS Justice!
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