Hagen’s Alley Books 101 – Learn About the Different Series

As things get larger and we get more books released here at Hagen’s Alley, I feel like it’s now time to put up a little 101 and FAQ about all of the different book series that we offer. That way when someone wants to offer some constructive advice, they at least have a way to know everything that is being offered and why! Needless to say here is the Hagen’s Alley Books 101!

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Alwa’s Awakening Review | 8 Bit Metroidvania | Rewind Mike

Alwa’s Awakening►http://store.steampowered.com/app/549260

🔽🔽A little story about the conception of Alwa’s Awakening🔽🔽

Alwa’s Awakening has a story that begins in 2014, when one person, Mikael, had the dreams to create a video game. The Dream stemmed from an evening playing NES games at a friends house. Having never created a game, he drew up a detailed 14-page document that housed his plan of action.

Mikael reached out to Pixel Artist, Alexander; sending him the 14-page document in hopes of acquiring his talents for the game. Once alex was on board, it was time to find a Music Artist.

With an idea and assets in place, Mikael approached long time friend, and fellow convention organizer, Robert Kreese. Alwa’s Avengers were almost assembled, but the game was missing something crucial… A Programmers, you can have art, music, and an idea. But without someone to stitch them together they dont matter.

Well, here’s where the trouble lay in wait. Mikael didn’t know many people in the field. So he reached out to the twitter’verse and sent a message in both Swedish and English. The tweet was heard across the retro community and prominent programmers started to show interest, but the person he decided to go with was closer than he though. Kevin, a fellow co-worker joined the and just like that a project team was formed!

The plan was to create a game inspired by titles like Battle of Olympus and a personal favorite, Solstice! In October of 2014, they moved forward with making this old school action\adventure game.

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Konami: The NES Years Playlist ►► https://www.bit.ly/29h7lc


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VGBS Live 11 @ PRGE 2016 with John Riggs, Reggie Williams & Sergio Elisondo

VGBS goes Live at Portland Retro Gaming Expo in Oregon. This panel has my fix-it himself John Riggs, the always hilarious Reggie Williams and the extremely talented gaming musician Sergio Elisondo. We talk SNES nostalgia, including our favorite games and experiences with the system. This was a pretty large crowd.

This is VGBS!

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Konami: The NES Years 1989 ( Feat. BenevolentDick, Westapo, and Rewind Mike)

This is a MASSIVE collaboration covering all the games that, Konami, Developed for the Nintendo Entertainment System. A BIG thank you to everyone that helped bring this together! Continue reading

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Hacking the NES Classic – How does it hold up?

As some of you “Hagen’s Alley Originals” know, I have an amazing Coinops-Hacked Xbox that runs everything, near flawlessly. That being said, I figured I would chime in with my thoughts on the NES Classic and its true potential.


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My Most Anticipated Games of 2017 | Rewind Mike

It’s a new year and there are a ton of games to be released. Here’s a list of the ones most anticipated of 2017. Continue reading

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Gamer’s Guide: Are the Members of Organization XIII Real People?

WHY is Pluto a DOG and Goofy a talking, walking dog in a world where all the animals talk and walk? Who is Roxas? He’s Sora, and Ventus. And also Xion! And kind of Kairi. It’s pretty wild.

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