Persona 3 FES – PS2 Review

Another Retro by Aaron Cook:

 Image result for persona 3 fes

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Arcade Hidden Gem? | Avenging Spirit Review | Rewind Mike

In a sea of games full of ghosts, there is one never really brought up and frightfully so. We’ve done everything with ghosts, Vacuumed them up to save a brother, busted them, eaten them, and even been through covert operation as ghosts..but how about being the ghost..

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Classic Tetris World Championships Finals! – PRGE 2016

This past weekend I did color commentary with Chris Tang at the Classic Tetris World Championships Finals! This was at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo and was a blast to do. Check it out!

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VGBS Live 06 @ AVGR Expo – The Career of Philo Barnhart “Dragon’s Lair & Disney Artist” w/ Charles Moisant

VGBS goes Live at A Video Game Room Expo in Chicago, IL. This is a live panel with the legendary artist Philo Barnhart who did the art, not only for Dragon’s Lair and its sequels, but for many Disney films and cartoons! We also have the craziest man in comics Charles Moisant of Silver Phoenix Entertainment on with us for good measure. We talk about all of our motivations and everything that got us to where we are and highlight Philo’s amazing career! This is VGBS!

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VGBS Special Event – The New 8-Bit Heroes Film Screening & Post-Analysis @ The Green Door in Fort Walton Beach Florida

In this special event, Jeff was able to attend the 2nd screening of The New 8-Bit Heroes film out in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from filmmaker Joe Granato. How does this small punk rock facility do with this epic movie screening? Does it hold up to everything that was promised to Kickstarter backers? Listen in to find out! This is VGBS!

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Enigma II First Ever World Record Live Recording!! – Arcade Hollywood

It’s finally here! This is the video where I set the first ever world record on the 1979 arcade game Enigma II. What the heck is Enigma II? Watch to find out!

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Phobos Militia Hobbycast – 05 – Interview with Charles D. Moisant & Brian K. Morris from Silver Phoenix Entertainment (Part 1)

This time on the Phobos we interview the craziest man in comics, Charles D. Moisant and his protege in madness, Brian K. Morris. Listen in as we talk in detail about their current and upcoming projects with Silver Phoenix Entertainment. We also go into the lore of a Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery that one of their comics takes inspiration from.

This Hobbycast consists of anything and everything we are interested in and obsessed with. While we have a main focus for each episode, we often will go over lots of other things we are interested in too; the sky is the limit! Anything we talk about on the cast, we look at in an insanely analytical way, breaking down details you might not notice and destroying the critics.

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