VGBS 87 – Smash TV (BS Homework)

Bullshit Homework strikes for the VGBS Crew yet again!

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Gamer’s Guide: Persona 5’s Take on Rebellion

There is a HUGE difference between rebellion and being a jerk. Which one are you? Persona 5 does an excellent job of exploring this subject. Continue reading

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Twin Galaxies and Cheating Historical Gamers? – The Witch Hunt is On!

Twin Galaxies has been a hot topic that has recently been all over the Internet, but not because of people having fun and setting scores on their favorite games. Ohhhh no….. It’s because the newer regime is going through and scrubbing the database of historical records that are deemed impossible or unethical from a lot of classic older players. I’m going to go through my own perspective, and thoughts on this whole situation and give a pretty solid recommendation at the end that would make things less toxic in that community.

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VGBS 86 – Smash TV (Version Comparisons)

We knew from the beginning that this time would eventually come and it’s finally here…Smash TV time that is!!!

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Sonic Generations – PS3 / Xbox 360 (vgMastersClub Review Rewind)

(This is an unused review from my old site which is where a lot of the inspiration for me to start making books came from!)

Sonic Generations is literally a blast from the past! Not only does this hedgehog iteration involve both the newer Sonic and old-school retro-tude Sonic, but it throws both blue blazers into tons of classic levels from the franchise’s long history. This allows people to constantly get nostalgic while playing through each and every part of this game. The HD graphics looks amazing and you will find yourself quickly forgetting about the atrocities that were many of the previous 3D Sonic games over the past decade. Continue reading

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Top 20 NES Homebrew Games

My top 20 NES Homebrew that I own. Why 20? Because why not! NES Homebrew

January 2018 Update! – Tons of Modifications

  • Added Boxes for The Mad Wizard, Haunted Halloween ’85, Star Versus
  • Added – The Cowlitz Gamers’ 2nd Adventure, Eskimo Bob, Get ’em Gary, Haunted Halloween ’86, Justice Duel, Legends of Owlia, Quest Forge, Spook-o’-tron, Starkeeper, Super Russian Roulette.
  • Removed – Alter Ego, Germ Squashers, The Incident, Jet-Paco, NES Virus Cleaner, The Rise of Amondus (no box!), Streemerz (Part of Action53: Volume1, no box!), T*Gun.

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Spook-o’-tron – NES Homebrew Review

Spook-o’-tron is an arcade-style NES game that takes inspiration from the classic Robotron: 2084. The game is a twin stick shooter that features some insane speed and action. There are so many sprites on the screen and you barely see any flicker. Only occasionally did I see slowdown, which was typically near the beginning and I used it to formulate strategies on the fly before the game intensified. The question is, does the game hold up against all the classic NES titles that came before it? Let’s find out!

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