VGBS 130 - TEVI + A History of RetroUSB: End of an Era!?

Posted by Jeffrey Wittenhagen on

In a grand New Year's episode, Tristan and Jeff delve deep into the annals of gaming history, celebrating the iconic NES Aftermarket luminary, RetroUSB. They journey through its storied legacy, chronicling pivotal game releases and unveiling the untold tales of the company's ascent in the gaming community. As whispers circulate of an era's twilight, our hosts ponder: Is this truly the culmination of a golden epoch?

Amidst their exploration, they spotlight the enthralling TEVI—a Metroidvania masterpiece infused with the vibrant spirit of anime and the frenetic challenge of bullet hell. The duo also regales listeners with riveting tales from their gaming escapades, traversing worlds in classics like Timespinner, Retro Game Crunch, and the perplexing Piczle Puzzle.

But the crescendo of their discussion reaches its zenith with the grand revelation of the ultimate edition of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, reborn for the Sega Saturn, echoing its haunting melodies and immortalizing its legacy for a new generation.

Here is the free Steam code for the episode, these are first come, first serve! 


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