VGBS 131 - The Legend of Kage 1 & 2 + Switch 2 Rumors & Games Done Quick Preview

Posted by Jeffrey Wittenhagen on

Get ready for a gaming deep dive on the latest Video Game Bullshit episode with hosts Tristan and Jeff. This week's lineup includes:

- **The Legend of Kage Nostalgia:**
Tristan and Jeff revisit the classic NES title, "The Legend of Kage," and its sequel on the NDS. Uncover the nuances and evolution of this iconic gaming saga.

- **Nintendo Switch 2 Rumors Unveiled:**
Join the hosts as they sift through the speculations surrounding the much-anticipated Nintendo Switch 2. What could be in store for the future of this beloved console?

- **Games Done Quick Preview:**
Get a sneak peek into the Games Done Quick event with Tristan and Jeff. Discover the exciting speedrunning feats and the diverse lineup of games set to captivate audiences.

- **Breaking Down "You Have to Beat the Game" on Steam:**
Explore the challenges, victories, and secrets of the Steam game making waves - "You Have to Beat the Game." Jeff provide an in-depth analysis of his experiences with this intriguing title.

- **Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger's Requiem on Switch:**
Immerse yourself in the world of "Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger's Requiem" on the Nintendo Switch. Follow our hosts as they navigate through this captivating gaming experience.

Tune in for engaging discussions, laughs, and all things gaming on this episode of Video Game Bullshit! 🎮 #VideoGameBullshit #GamingPodcast #GameTalk


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