VGBS 137 - Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth (Non-Spoily)

Posted by Jeffrey Wittenhagen on

In the latest episode of the VGBS Gaming Podcast, hosts Tristan and Jeff take listeners on a journey into the world of nostalgia with their initial experiences playing Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Fear not, as this segment is spoiler-free, allowing fans to vicariously share in the excitement without ruining the surprises.

Tristan and Jeff delve into their plans for Game On Expo 2024, highlighting the upcoming event's significance for the gaming community. The duo shares insights into their panel on physical preservation, discussing how the concept has evolved over time. From the preservation of classic cartridges to the growing importance of physical editions in the modern gaming landscape, the hosts provide a comprehensive overview of their panel's focus.

The episode also features a segment on the newest pickups in Tristan and Jeff's gaming collections. Unpacking recent additions, the hosts share their thoughts on the titles, providing listeners with valuable insights into must-have games and hidden gems.

Towards the end of the episode, Tristan and Jeff pay tribute to the legendary Akira Toriyama, expressing their condolences for the recent loss. The hosts reminisce about Toriyama's impactful contributions to the world of manga and anime, creating iconic characters that have left an indelible mark on fans worldwide.

Join Tristan and Jeff as they explore the realms of gaming nostalgia, delve into Game On Expo 2024 preparations, showcase their latest pickups, and pay respects to the unforgettable legacy of Akira Toriyama. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a casual enthusiast, this episode is packed with engaging discussions and heartfelt reflections.


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