The Switch Collector: Volume Two (Preorder)

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The Switch Collector is a comprehensive "Switchopedia" Collector book series that covers all the physical releases for the Nintendo Switch along with the must play digital-only releases we would like to see come out physically.

This second volume, titled "Volume Two" continues our journey with the Switch starting at the beginning of Year Two through the first half of the year. That being said, just this amount of time is more games than the entire first year, so this volume will be larger with 400+ pages!

Each physically-released game has at least a full page written on it, with the write-ups being a combination of a review with personal experiences. Certain games have gotten more coverage due to their impact with lots of notable collector aspects featured. 

All games are accompanied by screenshots and region-appropriate box art. Aside from the release information, there is also a comprehensive listing of all of the modes you can play with your system. Finally, a Hagen's Alley staple, there are collector boxes for you to track if you own, have played, completed, and your personal rating for each game; allowing you to completely personalize this book to your liking.

Selected digital releases are also featured, with those page spreads having a more streamlined approach. There is promotional art included with each release so you can easily identify the game as the Developer and Publisher intended. We hope all of these games some day see a physical release!

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