Friday the 13th: The Easy Way - Hardcover Strategy Guide

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The Easy Way is a modern perspective on a classic retro video game strategy guide. It combines a walk-through, FAQ, strategy guide, and comprehensive information source into one book. The book takes information from all the of the most credible sources and combines it with the expertise and testing methods of speed-runner and multiple video game world record holder 8-Bit Steve. 

Friday the 13th is a video game that was released in 1989 by the game publisher LJN. It is a survival horror game that takes place across three days at camp crystal lake. This game is considered to be one of the hardest games on the system and also one of the worst. The game rose again in it's infamy when the AVGN reviewed the game on his YouTube channel in 2006.  

The book will printed in the highest quality available using the Hagen's Alley industry standard. The book will be hard cover, with high gloss pages. The inside of the book will include the following:

  • over 75 full color pages
  • Complete maps of every area of the game including: The cave area, both woods areas, small cabins, large cabins, hidden rooms, lake cabins, and path areas. 
  • Detailed descriptions of every enemy, weapon, counselor and item.
  • Locations of every item and weapon inside of every section of the game. 
  • Detailed control lists for every area type. 
  • Detailed routes and graphics of the inside of every type of cabin (which has never been done anywhere). 
  • A complete explanation of how Jason moves around Crystal Lake, his behaviors regarding cabins and counselors, and also his routes through the woods. 
  • A complete analysis of how to fight Jason on all three days inside cabins or on the paths if you desire to use those methods. 
  • Every known glitch, trick, or tip is included in the book even the ones that are not used in The Easy Way method. 
  • All known Game Genie codes and a list of advanced challenges to really test your skill and knowledge. 
  • The Easy Way method: The easiest and most understandable way to complete Friday the 13th. This method  will allow you to beat the game in around 10 minutes. This comes straight from the mind and experiences of 8-bit Steve.