VGBS 136 - Gato Roboto

Posted by Jeffrey Wittenhagen on

Tune in to the latest episode of Video Game Bullshit, where hosts Tristan and Jeff dive into a myriad of gaming topics. Explore the BS Homework game of the episode, Gato Roboto, and join the hosts in their discussion on Tales of Arise. Uncover the Virtual Boy 3DS Emulator and hear intriguing stories from Tristan's Game Night.

The hosts also share experiences with Candy Cab repairs and present captivating tales of buying stories related to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Tristan faces a challenge to resist the allure of the Lenovo Legion Go, with Jeff providing insights into its current usage.

Stay tuned for engaging project updates, a conversation about the scope creep in Sega Genesis Homebrew, and a spotlight on the Black Box Challenge Book. Discover the upgrades to Tristan's box set in this packed episode of Video Game Bullshit.


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