The Complete NES (Definitive Abridged Edition) - Hardcover Book

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"The Complete NES" aims to be the most comprehensive Nintendo Entertainment System collector's book to be published to date! The idea behind this stemmed from there not being a NES collector’s guide with exactly what I wanted. It has since morphed and evolved into something pretty amazing and special; surpassing anything I had originally envisioned. 

What is the Definitive Abridged Version?

  • 400+ Pages of NES Content
  • Officially Licensed US Releases, PAL Exclusives, Unlicensed & Bootlegs, Aftermarket Indie "Homebrew" Releases, & more!
  • Box Art, Screenshots, Release Year, Publisher/Developer, # of Players, & Collector Check Boxes for each Game
  • Physical Quality Upgrades
  • Personal Stories from the Community

    There are checkboxes so you can mark off if you have the cart, instructions or the box in your collection. There are also boxes to track your progress playing the games as well as a spot to put in your own personal rating of the game, allowing for complete customization!

    This book is super high quality, per the Hagen's Alley Books standard and will even receive upgrades when stretch goals are surpassed.

    All Licensed NES Games are Included!


    began working on this book many years ago and a lot of people wanted to include some of the other games that play on an original Nintendo Entertainment System console. Included in this reprint are sections covering a lot of the weird, obscure, and foreign releases that North American gamers may not have seen back in the day. 

    • PAL Exclusives
    • Unlicensed Releases
    • International Bootlegs (Typically not sold in traditional stores)
    • NES Holy Grails (Small selection of some of the coolest games and items)
    Go deep down the NES Rabbit Hole!

    Back in the previously released NES Oddities book there was a deep dive into the history of the NES Homebrew scene, including all of the games created and released both physically and digitally. There has now been a significant to a transition towards an NES Indie Aftermarket where developers are still making amazing games; with some receiving ports to modern consoles! Included in the book is a selection of standout physical releases, and some future creations, that truly capture what the NES was and is all about! 

    Selected NES Aftermarket Game Highlights are Included!

    One major change from the previous print run of The Complete NES is instead of spending decades in order to finish the series, the decision was made to offer an abridged redux of sorts. This change makes the focus solely on collecting for the console which is what sets this book series apart from other similar books. However, in the back there will also be a section dedicated to personal stories about the NES and its games.